For the Schools

The “Our Youth Our Future” survey is a drug and alcohol survey funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is the only national survey of American Indian youth who live on or near reservations. For your participation, your school would receive compensation (please contact Allison Burford for more information on how much your school would receive).  One requirement is that your school must average at least 20 students per grade. You will also receive an individualized School Report, confidentially summarizing your students’ responses.  The attached brochure provides more information about the project and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the survey. It focuses on substance use along with questions regarding students’ future aspirations and goals.  No questions are asked about sexual behavior, abortion, or sensitive parental behaviors. The survey is brief and designed to be taken in 25-45 minutes and less than one class period of time.

Below are the steps through the survey preparation process.  Please remember, it takes about four weeks from the time you confirm your participation to when students sit down to survey.

  • Parental Notifications – Our Colorado State University Institutional Review Board requires we notify parents two ways:
    1. Parental notification letters:   This letter explains what is being asked of their child, and if the parent wants their child to OPT OUT of the survey. The letters will be shipped to the school, attn.: Primary Contact at the shipping address above via UPS three weeks prior to the survey date.  The letters will be in stamped, sealed envelopes; you just need to provide labels with the school’s return address and parents’ addresses, and they are ready to mail.  Please have them mail them no later than 2 weeks prior to the survey.  ** Please fax any signed opt out forms to Allison Burford at 970-491-3895.  If parents have called in to opt out, please fax me a list of those student/parent names.  We are required to have them in our file for auditing purposes.  Please be sure to keep a copy for your records.
    2. Media Release –   The release needs to be posted two weeks prior to the survey, in whatever media the school feels parents will most likely see: local paper, school newsletter, school website or Facebook Page, etc. (School website is the easiest.) ** I will need a copy of how it appears in the media, including the date which it first appeared.  That can be faxed to my attention at 970-491-0527, or if it placed on a webpage, you should email me a link to the posting. **Important** – The link will not be able to be opened until I receive that proof of placement.
  • Survey (Sample Survey):
    1. Attached is a pdf copy of the online survey.  Although it looks lengthy, please note that because the survey is given electronically, it will automatically skip questions based on a student’s response to a particular question.  So for example…
  • …if a student answers that they have never used a drug, they will automatically skip the two questions asking about last month and last year use.
  • …if a student answers that they have used a drug in the past, but have not used it in the past year, they will automatically skip the question asking about last month use.
    A student may end up skipping up to 32 questions.   Typically, it takes students 35-45 minutes to complete the survey.

    1. The survey is anonymous and confidential; we do not collect any identifying information.
    2. The survey is given to ALL students in 7th – 12th
    3. Please print out a copy and have it available should parents want to view it.
  • Report:
    1. Four to six weeks after the online survey is completed, you will receive a detailed report, in aggregate, of your students.   Who you share that data with is up to you, but we do not share your individual school’s data with anyone.
  • Confidentiality:
    1. We take the confidentiality of the schools and communities we work in very seriously.   Schools, communities, reservations/tribal lands or tribes or nations are not named within our reports or journal articles.  Information is presented by region, of which there are seven regions we work in in the continental U.S.

   •   Survey Administration Instructions:  These will be emailed to the primary contact a week before the scheduled survey date.